John Brant

Smalltalk projects

Refactoring Browser
The best browser for VisualWorks! Includes features such as buffers, context sensitive method displays, lint checks, refactorings, etc.

Framework for structured drawing editors

Smalltalk Recorder
Record and playback user input

Progress (percent done) widgets and area graph widgets for VisualWorks, includes a memory monitor application.

Method Wrappers
Implements before and after methods from which coverage tools, synchronization tools, interaction diagramming tools, and pre and postconditions have been built.

Image Stripper
Several techniques to help minimize the size of a runtime image.

Test Manager
Organize and implement test suites for your Smalltalk programs

Caterpillar Business Model
Project to model the Caterpillar's business decision process

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Last updated on 05-Jul-96.