PLoP 1997

September 3-5, 1997
Allerton Park
Monticello, Illinois, USA

The 4th Pattern Languagse of Programming Conference

Washington University Technical Report 97-34

PLoP 1997 in Review

  • Program Committee
  • PLoP Organizers and Shepherds
  • Attendee information

  • Call For Papers
  • Program -- What happened when at PLoP!
  • Workshop Groups -- This page lists the papers assigned to each workshop group
  • Activities at PLoP -- Some new activities were scheduled at PLoP-97, this page describes them.

  • Proceedings -- This is a .zip archive with all of the papers presented at the conference. This can be cited as a Washington University Tech. Report (wucs-97-34)

  • Allerton Park Information

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    PLoP 1997 Conference Chair:

    Don Roberts

    PLoP 1997 Program Chair:

    Robert Hanmer

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