Design Patterns: Frequently Asked Questions

What did you use to produce the diagrams?
idraw: an application which comes with InterViews.

Where can I get InterViews?
By ftp from You might also wish to look at Fresco which is a descendent of InterViews.

Where can I get Unidraw?
It comes with Interviews. You canget a copy of the Unidraw thesis for nominal charge from aomi Schulman . Ask for a copy of CSL-TR-90-427 titled "Generalized Graphical Object Editing."

Where can I get ET++?
From UBILAB by anonymous ftp from here.

What is the Gang of Four?
See the The Gang of Four.

How can I get some of the references referred to in the book?
We have placed some of them on-line here.
You didn't talk about destroying Singletons. How do I do that?
See To Kill a Singleton

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