Patterns and Pattern Languages

Here are some patterns that are available online.
Nat Pryce's Patterns
Includes, Patterns for Scripted Applications, Patterns for Concurrent Object-Oriented Programming, Patterns for Concurrent Object-Oriented Programming, Eager Compilation, Lazy Evaluation, and more.

ISO IDL Idioms
Available in Word, PostScript, RTF, and PDF.

Experiences -- A Pattern Language for User Interface Design
By Todd Coram and Jim Lee

Patterns of Software Reuse
An examination of the practices of organizations with successful software reuse programs in order to provide sensible reuse solutions to DoD managers working to do more, in less time, with fewer resources. Among the companies surveyed: AT&T, Anderson Consulting, Computer Sciences Corporation, Hewlett-Packard, and Texas Instruments.

Programmers' Canvas
A pattern for source code management

Tcl Programming Idioms
Patterns for programming in Tcl

Software Patterns -- IAP'97
A course on Patterns available online.

Pedagogical Patterns: Successes in Teaching Object Technology
A project to create reuseable patterns suitable for teaching object oriented technology.

Dolphin Smalltalk
Intuitive Systems, creators of Dolphin Smalltalk, has a list of patterns available online.

DASCo Project
Development of Distributed Applications with Separation of Concerns. Several patterns on distributed applications.

Design of Business Information Systems
Several pattern languages done by the ARCUS project. Includes patterns for Relational Database Access Layers, Decoupling of Object Oriented Systems, and Error Handling.

Les Patrons et les Langages de Patrons
Benoît Jaunin
Information on patterns in French.

Fault-Tolerant Telecommunication System Patterns
by Michael Adams, James Coplien, Robert Gamoke, Robert Hanmer, Fred Keeve, Keith Nicodemus
AT&T Bell Laboratories

Design Patterns for Avionics Control Systems
Doug Lea, SUNY Oswego & NY CASE Center

The patterns in this document combine observations, reinterpretations, rational reconstructions, and redesigns of Avionics Control Systems within the realm of the DSSA ADAGE project.

Portland Pattern Repository
A repository of pattern languages written in the Portland Form. This repository is maintained by Ward Cunningham of Cunningham and Cunningham.

Patterns for Distributed Processing
Doug Schmidt has done some work on Object-Oriented Architectures for distributed processing. Source, code, papers, etc. may be found here.

A Development Process Generative Pattern Language
Jim (Cope) Coplien, Bell Laboratories

Most highly productive organizations exhibit the same patterns of organization, process, and introspection. Using the emerging discipline of generative pattern languages, we can capture the patterns underlying successful projects and use them to establish organizational structures and practices that will improve the prospects for success in a new software development organization. This paper presents 43 such patterns

Telecommunications Distributed Processing Patterns
Dennis L DeBruler, AT&T Bell Laboratories.

An HTML 2.0 Pattern Language
Robert Orenstein.

Each of these patterns is a basic description of some method by which a Web site can be made stronger.

Some Design Patterns
Aamod Sane

Steve Berczuk
"Organizational Multiplexing: Patterns for Processing Satellite Telemetry with Distributed Teams" and "A Pattern for Separating Assembly and Processing"

Risk Management pattern catalog
Alistair Cockburn

Patterns for Adaptive Programming
Karl Lieberherr, Northeastern University

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